Mkgt Web is a dedicated application solution for professionals from the world of Recycling and Environment wishing to manage the incoming and outgoing flows of secondary raw materials and waste.

This solution consists of an internal application managing the customer / supplier relationship, forecast orders, supply planning, materials / waste received and invoicing your clients, surveys support billing for suppliers and a set of management tools and statistical state.


This application serves as Intranet for your organization, accessible on your local network and as Extranet for your customers / suppliers accessible through the Internet.

According to the rights granted to different users, it allows you or your customers and suppliers to :

  • manage contracts in progress
  • create and validate predictions of quantities of materials / waste
  • fill in the dates of availability
  • follow your flow decisions on the acceptance or rejection of proposed quantities
  • manage and view the schedule of collection / shipment
  • enter and consult the loaded weight and weight approved
  • print and store related documents
  • edit the states of pre-billing
  • management and inventory tracking
  • management and monitoring of disputes

Mkgt Web, further in your customer / supplier relationship...